Tips and locations



Proven teams guarantee success!


Over the years I have established a great network of colleagues and service providers.

Musician who plays the flute or a pianist ... the singer or flamenco guitarist ...

The decoration specialist, the wedding agency, the mobile hairdresser, the German baker for the wedding cake etc. etc.

I can give you tips and answer questions here.



It starts with answering the question of whether you want to organize your celebration alone or whether you want to add a wedding planner. If you want to organize the celebration by yourself, you should know that it is very difficult to find a quiet spot on the beach in summer and - the authorities do not like it. There are restaurants or other locations by the sea. I might be able to help. Of course, it always depends on the size of the group.


Ceremony with violin

If you love the sound of the violin, I would like you to meet  Soriana Ivaniv for ceremonies.

The ceremony would therefore be accompanied by live music from a violin. Even if the violin is a classical instrument, Soriana Ivaniv also plays modern music. In other words, it can also accompany you with the electric violin.

We will be happy to send you a list of the most requested pieces for wedding ceremonies. And if there is no piece of music that you like, just send me what you want.



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