Of course, you can also use the classic rituals in a free wedding ceremony as you know them from church, including the ring change or the wedding candle.


But you can also take new rituals, invent your own or adequately use those that have already been tried and tested in free ceremonies.


Wishes on the wedding rings:

Before the promise of marriage, this ritual is usually celebrated at the wedding ceremony. The wedding rings are placed in a shell or in a small box. Then the shell / can moves from guest to guest. Each guest discusses them with their blessings, wishes and thoughts. At the end of the ritual, the rings come back to the front and are endowed with the best wishes. Usually this is done with a ribbon, but I opted for the beautiful can / shell.


Break bread:

This is a traditional rite, the original value of which is to warmly welcome a new member of the family to the family. One representative of each in-law comes to the bride and groom with a tray of bread and water. The bread is broken and eaten and a sip of water is taken. The respective partner is now part of the family.


Discuss stones / stone ritual:

Small stones are distributed on the seats. Either already labeled or the guest writes his name on it. He speaks his wish or blessing for the bridal couple in the stone and then places it on a tray or in a large glass. Two larger stones represent the couple and the small ones are family and friends. The bride and groom can take the tray or glass with them as a souvenir.


The guests have the opportunity to record their good wishes for the couple on stones. So everyone present is included in the ceremony without having to say anything. With just one or two words, each guest can record their wishes for the wedding couple on the stone for eternity. The collected stones are of course beautiful mementos. The stones are also beautiful table decorations during the wedding ceremony. You can collect suitable stones yourself or buy them in decoration shops and touch-up pens are good for writing on.


Candle with poem:

The maid of honor brings a candle to the front, lights it and the speaker or a best man reads a poem. Often times, the bride and groom also like to light the candle themselves.


Plant a sapling or pot:

A tree is symbolically planted during the ceremony and should then be placed in the ground in a special place.


Rose petals - soap bubbles:

When the bride and groom move out, the children or groomsmen sprinkle rose petals. The modern version provides for a trellis of the guests with soap bubbles in their hands, which then drip onto the couple :-)


Rope circle:

Groomsmen and close relatives form a circle around the bride and groom. You are holding a ribbon in your hands. The body is symbolized here. The speaker comments on the tape and the meaning. Then the tape is cut in some places. The speaker commented why. The ligament is later restored by knots, which makes it tighter and more resilient.


Heart Puzzle:

A very nice way to involve the guests in the ceremony is the heart puzzle. It starts with distributing the puzzle on the chairs. During the ceremony, the guests have the opportunity to paint or write on the puzzle pieces. And then you will be joined together with the personal messages of friends and family.


The sand ritual:

Here you need a large glass vessel and two small ones. Decorative sand in different colors and background music make pouring the bridal couple together into an experience. The different colors show that everyone in the marriage is and remains individual and that the merging together becomes a work of art. The guests can start with their colors and create the basis for the work of art.

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