The Value of talking 

I have been living in Mallorca since 1999 and perform  wedding ceremonies. It is a particularly nice work because you are always surrounded by excited, nice and always smiling people. I love this job very much. New beginning and changes. Let friends and family know that things will go together from now on!


A symbolic wedding or a free wedding ceremony can be designed anywhere to your liking and that is exactly what most couples want. Celebrating personal things, Mallorca offers inexhaustible possibilities for this special beautiful day. I would be happy to advise you. We will hold a preliminary talk by you telling me about your story and explaining to me the character of your ceremony. We discuss the location, possible involvement of family and friends, and the content  of the speech. Should the focus be on the past or is it more about the outlook into the future. What music or ritual would you like?

As a ceremonial speaker I act on the Spanish mainland, the Canary and Balearic Islands - especially on Mallorca.


If there is something - an event - in your life in which you would like to be accompanied, I can gladly take care of it for you or be at your side.


If you have to say goodbye, if you have no words or if a funeral speech needs to be given, I would be happy to meet with you and speak for you. A personal meeting on this topic is essential.

Another event can be:

- a special annual celebration such as a birthday or anniversary

- a family celebration

- an event

- School or university degrees

- Completion of a house

- Special: a song of praise. There is someone you want to "praise" and say something to.




If this is done by a third person as the auditor, what is said takes on a completely different importance.


Just tell me  your thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to it:

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