Special Edition



Special Edition & Friends is a musical dream fulfillment on my part.


At Finca Can Corem we have a beautiful event hall that needs to be filled with life. And what is obvious? To start your own band.



Brahm Heidl from Cologne on bass, Diego Ferral from Buenos Aires on drums, Orlando Lund from London on guitar and Silke Hamann from Cologne accompany me when we play songs from Maceo Parker to Eric Clapton.


The diversity of nationalities - with the exception of the Cologne majority - is also a special aspect of life on Mallorca. Many people from all over the world meet on this small piece of earth.


“& Friends” means that we have a musical guest to accompany us at every concert. Musicians like the New York-born pianist Richard Vinton, or the Argentina-born Norbert Fimpel (formerly Joe Cocker saxophonist) already enjoyed one or the other concert.


The Ukrainian violinist Soriana Ivaniv and the Spanish saxophonist Miguel Ramon love to come back to play with us.

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