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Nathalie Korcz - that's me


How nice that you want to take a look around my website.

Here you can see the most important areas in my professional and private life. Maybe we'll run into each other on one or the other project. I would be happy because I love to meet new people. And I do that almost every day through my various activities.



A while ago I was asked what I actually like to do and the following words came to mind: speak, sing, listen and host. And at the end of the day, that's exactly what I enjoy doing professionally and personally.




On this page you will find information about me as a wedding and funeral speaker. You will see photos from concerts with my musical friends. You will get an impression of the Agroturismo Finca Can Corem Campos, which I run together with Toni Orell and you will see interviews that I conduct out of and with deepest curiosity. Life stories, business stories and small explanations about life on Mallorca and / or Mallorca.


I wish you a lot of fun, am always happy to answer any questions at and remain with best regards for the time being.


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