Interview special

Tell the story of your life, write your first book or tell whatever you want to share.


I’ve finally managed to capture my curiosity and passion for people and I  film interviews.You can see them in our youtube channel: Mallorca Zeitgeist.


Having seen the interviews or having heard about that passion, many people have asked me to interview them and ask them about personal stuff that they’ve always wanted to tell to their families or friends. 



You’ve always wanted to write a book and have never known how to start?

The chance to tell your stories and  to collect material for your book has arrived. Once we have recorded our interview, we should give this material to a ghostwriter to write your book.



You’ve always wanted to write about your life and you simply didn’t do it yet because it’s really difficult to sit down and start writing. From where should I start writing?


Exactly , where do you start?


In a relaxed and calmed atmosphere like for example here, at the Finca Can Corem in Campos.

Start telling me your story while I am asking  you  and listen to you. It would be  like in a normal conversation. Afterwards, we make a video from it together with some pictures or even a written book about it.Here again, we can help you to find a ghostwriter for you. My speciality are the interviews.


Enjoy a calm and relaxed week at the Finca Can Corem in Campos.

We are happy if we can make  you an offer  - without any commitment.

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